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Limoncello Gin Fizz

The summer between my junior and senior year of college, I had the amazing privilege of studying abroad in Florence, Italy. If you ever have the chance to go, I highly recommend it. That summer (which was longer ago than I like to think about!), I first discovered limoncello, among Italy’s other wonders. Limoncello, just so we’re clear, is a lemon liqueur traditionally produced in Southern Italy. It makes light, just-sweet-enough summer cocktails. And thankfully, unlike lots of other Italian treasures, you can find limoncello in the U.S., just about anywhere that sells other liqueurs.


This spring, whilst on the quest for a perfectly curated home bar, I rediscovered my love for limoncello. Although in Italy it’s usually consumed as an digestivo (after dinner drink) that’s allegedly meant to aid digestion, it works quite well in American-style cocktails too. Here’s my current favorite cocktail, which I like to pretend is totally original but is really very similar something you’ll find around the internet called a “lemon gin fizz.”


Ingredients (makes 1 serving)

2 oz gin

3 oz limoncello

splash (approx. 1 oz) club soda


Glass + ice: I prefer this drink stirred, not shaken, although I don’t have a good scientific reason for it. For some reason, I think the sweetness of the limoncello comes through a little more when it hasn’t been shaken up. If you decide to follow my lead, you can skip using a shaker, and just start with a highball glass. Fill the glass about half of the way up with ice (if you’re using an 8 oz. glass).

Add the liquids: Dump them right on in! Club soda last, so you don’t spoil the fizz.

Now, stir. And enjoy!


What do you think? Refreshing, isn’t it?