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Exotic Winter Salad

Life is chaotic. Life is complicated and confusing. It’s crazy. Really. Sometimes we get caught up in things we’re “supposed” to do so much so that we forget about the things we like to do – which, incidentally, tend also to be the things that are good for us, at least in moderation. But then OSU makes it into the college football championship, and you have friends over and you make food for them, and you remember how much you like to cook, and how you’re only going to get better at it if you keep cooking. Okay, so maybe the general lesson breaks down there, and this is actually all autobiographical… but you get the point.

After a longer-than-intended blogging hiatus, I’m sharing something I dreamed up for lunch today: an exotic, wintery take on a simple salad. In general, I like salad. Even more than that, I know it’s good for me. During the summer, I could live on nothing but salads and be perfectly content. But then winter rolls around and it gets cold and dark and I start sucking in carbs at the rate of approximately one loaf of bread and two boxes of pasta per day (just kidding… but only barely). So here it is, a salad that feels like it belongs in winter. A salad that doesn’t remind you of summer in a depressing way, but that also makes you want to eat your fruits and vegetables. Because yes, it’s got both.

Ingredients (makes 4 salads)

4 cups chopped lettuce (I used romaine because that’s what I had, but baby spinach would work well too)

1 large persimmon

1 pomegranate (or 1 cup of arils – but I recommend starting with the fresh fruit)

4 oz (1/2 cup) crumbled goat cheese

1/2 cup almonds (I prefer slivered for salads, because they’re easier to eat with a fork, but that’s a personal preference)



Pretty self-explanatory. Lettuce, fruit, almonds, cheese. If you’re using a fresh pomegranate, cutting it open can be a little messy if you’re not an absolute pro, but it’s so pretty and red and sweet that I enjoy it anyway. Here are some good instructions if you haven’t mastered the art of pomegranate-cutting yet. Cut your persimmon up just like you would a tomato.

I decided not to use any dressing on mine. I thought the juices from the pomegranate and the softness of the cheese were perfectly sufficient. If you’re attached to the idea of dressing as the finishing touch to a salad, though, I’d go for just a touch of a simple balsamic vinaigrette.


What do you think? One of the great things about salads is that it’s really easy to tweak them by adding or removing ingredients depending on what you like and what’s in your fridge? What else might you put on a “winter” salad?