Welcome to Hummus and Honey! I’m so excited that you’ve chosen to follow my crazy kitchen exploits. My name is Emily, and I’m a twenty-something self-taught chef and photographer, on top of my “day job” as a PhD student, dog-mom of two, fitness-fiend, and wannabe wine connoisseur.

I cook with fresh, natural ingredients as much as humanly possible. My recipes are also gluten free, but generally include alternate (often easier/cheaper) instructions if you don’t need to avoid gluten. A lot of what I cook is vegetarian, but you’ll also find some meals with fish, and some that have suggestions for meats to add (I avoid meats other than seafood, but my husband doesn’t, so I’ve learned to adapt my recipes so we’re both happy).

While I thoroughly enjoy creating things in the kitchen, I probably enjoy eating good food even more. From time to time I’ll post about some of the especially amazing meals I’ve enjoyed while dining out. It just seems wrong not to recommend a stand-out restaurant!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I publish your recipes/photos on my blog/website?

I’m flattered that you’d like to, and while I’d love the publicity, I ask that you please follow a couple of basic courtesies.

First, please don’t publish full recipes. If you’d like to share a link to a recipe, go for it, but please don’t copy-paste from my blog. I work very hard on my meals and my blog posts, and all of my recipes are copyrighted. You can read more about U.S. copyright laws for recipes here.

If you’d like to use one photo along with a link to my blog, that’s fine, but to use more (or to use them for reasons other than promoting my recipes) please contact me by email first. I can be reached at hummusandhoneyblog@gmail.com.


Do you do sponsored posts, freelance recipe development, writing and/or food photography?

Yes! Please contact me to talk more about what I can do for you. Again, it’s hummusandhoneyblog@gmail.com.


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